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  • Coats Fit For Your Canine

    Coats fit for your canine.

    Keep your show dog and athlete cool and every hair in place. Available in all sizes and styles.
  • Presentation is everything.

    Presentation is everything.

    Find grooming and all-natural hygienic products to keep your dog looking their very best.
  • Healthy dogs are winning dogs.

    Rely on natural wellness products from Canine Matrix to keep your dog healthy, happy and beautiful.

Welcome to Crazy Heart!

We are your one-stop-shop when preparing for your next dog show or performance event. Keep your grooming set up looking perfect with Dream-lite grooming tables or crate toppers, grooming table covers, table aprons and garment bags in a rainbow of colors. We are proud to offer handmade custom cool coats and pads to keep your canine athlete cool and every hair in place. We are also proud to offer the best shampoos, hygienic products and grooming tools available from Plush Puppy, Show Season, Bass Brushes, and B-air dryers to have your dog looking and feeling their best on show day. Have a Look around and please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.

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(559) 281-2144 • Riverdale, CA  ~  Clayton, NY