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Bags and Totes

Article bags:

Large bags are 10 inches tall and measure 12 x 6 inches
Each bag has 4 outer pockets.
Xlarge bags are 12 inches tall and measure 16 x 8 inches
Each bag has 4 outer pockets
Custom bags are available upon request.

Ringside totes:

Totes measure 7 1/2 inches tall and 9 inches across.
Outside is a heavy canvas covered in glitter. Or embossed pleather to replicate real leather.
Interior is a waterproof material with interior pockets and a hard polypropylene bottom. Ringside bags come in red, light green, black, pink, turquoise, teal, purple, lavender, violet, royal blue, light blue, gold, silver, black Western and brown western design.

Garment Bags:

Ensure the clothing and accessories for your dog are protected with our beautifully designed Bags and Totes.